This aint no Victorian Era brew world!

Up until a few years ago when you thought of brewing it was a male only sport. But steadily over the years women have been adding influence and gaining notoriety. This not only is great for beer variety but it makes sense because women on average have more taste buds than men.

There are three women you should keep an eye on.

Megan Parisi, Blue Jacket Brewery, Washington DC – While her brewery is under construction she is hard at work traveling the U.S. getting collaborative information from the brewers she meets.

Anne-Catherine Dilewyns, Brouwerij Dilewyns Brewery, Dendermonde Belgium – The youngest brewer in Belgium with a hardwired love of beer, her father is a well known home brewer. Its not only her genetics that produce brilliant brews, her hard work in the field has brought her many accolades.

Monica Sanchez Diosdado, Beer Factory Brewery, Mexico City – Trained as a food engineer became a brewer from passion! It has cost her much to push into the male dominated and low saturated Mexican microbrew economy. She plans to run the forefront of innovation and taste.

you can read the full article and see pictures at


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