Floating Breweries

Not really but kinda.

If you are the kind for island travelling then vagabondish.com has found some breweries that are “worth the swim.” There are beers ranging from tropical and fruity to grab your tongue IPAs.

St Johns Breweries. (US Virgin Islands)- Tropical Mango Pale Ale: it swings towards the fruity but you may look manlier with this than a mai tai.

Brasserie Pietra (Corsica)- Columba Wheat Ale: refreshing and light, brewed with juniper and myrtle perfect for European islands.

San Miguel (Philippines)-Cervesa Negra: Eurostyle Lager with a sweet off-set perfect for the local spicy cuisine.

Desnoes & Giddes LDT (Jamaica)- Hurray Beer! Is probably what you are thinking but vagabond recommended Dragon Stout: thick and malty with a spike of hops.

Cerveceria Rapa Nui (Easter Islands)- Mahina(Moon) Pale Ale: Smooth with a honey finish and apparently it causes longing of the moon…

Moo Brew (Tasmania)- Harvest Ale:a seasonal ale that has pils overtones and a mild hop spice.

Maui Brewing Company (Hawaii)- Maui Onion Mild: I’m thinking what the fuck but gotta try it before I knock it. It adds carmelized onions along with sweet onions to an American Brown Ale recipe.

Jungle Beer ( Singapore)- American IPA: “a beer that tastes like a beer” having taste “ranges from citrus to boot.” Probably not a Stone Brewing rip your tongue out Double Bastard IPA but I’m interested in the boot flavor.


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