Brown Ales Pairing

I personally love a strong dark ale higher in ABV and stout in taste. They stand out among other beers and have a full finish that leaves you warm and satisfied. There are others though that are less bold, but they are not to be forgotten or even taken lightly. As food moves to heartier flavors of fall and winter brown ales compliment them. I would even call it the Bordeaux of the beer world. released an article on flavorful pairings for brown ales.

Cheese: Smoky and nutty hard cheeses (gouda or comte) as well as sharp semisoft and soft cheeses are best  (mild cheddar and blue). If you enjoy the more powerful ales go for extra sharp cheddar.

Meats: Grilled red meats will pair well with these beers, smoky flavors will be brought out. Try using different marinades and seasonings with the meat to accentuate different flavors in the beer.

Fall and Winter Vegetables: Root vegetables and sweet gourds will heft up the malty flavors, maybe even try a pumpkin brown ale.



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