Westvleteren XII Released

$84.99 per six pack! That is a bit steep but $45 for 3 beers and one chalice is a bit better…

Westvletern XII .5 pack

Appearance: Brown-red, full creamy head with long peaked lacing.

Aroma: Starts vinegary and blue cheese, transitions to estery yeast and grains, transitions yet again to white fruits and bready notes.

Taste: Malty grains and white fruits, transitions to nuts and caramel keeps the white fruits.

Mouthfeel: Velvety consistency, champagne like carbonation, full body, lingering wet finish.

One of the most complex beers I have ever tasted. All characteristics change as the beer warms at 56 degrees it was great but it only improves as it moves towards room temperature (I finished mine at 73 degrees). If Westvleteren provides this quality consistently I can see why it is so highly rated.                                      -98/100-

Westvleteren XII 2012


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