365 Holiday Catch Up! 81-90

Christmas and New Years were brutal, not only at work but also in my personal life. As a result I missed a few days of tasting but I have been hard at work to catch up. Descriptions are a bit short only because I figure it makes skimming easier. Hope you enjoy!

Holiday catch up 81-90

Insanely Bad Elf: Appearance: Clear amber, creamy head with lacing /// Aroma: Cinnamon, apricot, pecan and winter spice. /// Taste: Sweet bready malt, cinnamon, toffee with a pine hop finish. /// Mouthfeel: Viscous consistency, delicate carbonation, medium body, long finish. /// Great warming feeling and an 11.5% ABV … Elf on crack

Warm Welcome: Appearance: Amber almond, rocky lasting head. /// Aroma: Toffee and bread notes. /// Taste: Almond, meaty and smoky, earthy hop finish. /// Mouthfeel: Crisp consistency, spritzy carbonation, medium-light body, quick wet finish. /// Cleans the palate with each sip, great pairing with a steak!

Seriously Bad Elf: Appearance: Clear golden, thick creamy head. /// Aroma: Bready grains and floral yeast. ///Taste: Sweet white fruits overpowers most of the flavor with light grains. /// Mouthfeel: Creamy consistency, delicate carbonation, medium body and a quick wet finish. /// Extremely refreshing with full flavor, tastes very close to a Belgian Strong Ale.

Criminally Bad Elf: Appearance:  Clear amber, creamy receding head. /// Aroma: Mellow white fruits and toffee with caramel. ///Taste: Super sweet and alcohol, toffee and hints of coffee. /// Mouthfeel: Creamy consistency, no carbonation, medium-full body, long wet finish. /// So sweet it is hard to finish. Supremely warming the 10.5% ABV is definitely noticeable.

Tanner Jacks: Appearance:Light amber, white foamy lasting head, no lacing. /// Aroma: Piney and citrusy hops with floral yeast. /// Taste: Sweet and bready with earthy undertones, mild bitter finish. /// Mouthfeel: Creamy consistency,delicate carbonation, medium body with a quick wet finish. /// The light ABV and creamy texture make this beer an easy one to down, not to mention the sweet flavor and refreshing feeling.

Schlenkerla Smokebeer Urbock: Appearance:Dark brown, thick foamy head that lasts and lasts, thick lacing. /// Aroma: HAM! Hickory, bbq and fire. /// Taste: Sweet bready grains, bacon, honey ham, smoke and a mild bitter finish with hints of bbq sauce. /// Mouthfeel: Viscous consistency, light carbonation, medium-light body with an average finish. /// From the scent I was expecting lots of hops and a more rugged flavor but instead I get … Honey Baked Ham in a bottle. I am extremely impressed.

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde: Appearance: Hazy gold, thick rocky head that recedes quickly./// Aroma: Green apples, raspberries and strawberries, piney hops and mulling spices. /// Taste: Extremely alcohol sweet and white fruits. /// Mouthfeel: Crisp consistency, champagne like carbonation, medium-light body and an average finish. /// So damn sweet it is hard to finish. Beautiful complexity on the nose unfortunately less in flavor. Accompanied by a great warming sensation.I would suggest hearty foods to pair and help cut the sweetness.

Sapporo: Appearance: Clear golden, with large rocky head./// Aroma: Bready grains, grassy hops and floral yeast. /// Taste: Lemon grass and light bread. /// Mouthfeel: Creamy consistency, light carbonation and body with a quick wet finish. /// The head feels soft on the lips with a creamy and airy consistency. Super premium in style, refreshing, smooth and crisp!

Laughing Dog Anubis: Appearance: Black, mocha creamy and thick head with massive lacing. /// Aroma: Espresso, smoke(almost hickory) and piney/turpentine hops. /// Taste: Roasted malt, shitty gas station coffee (almost chickory) follows through to the finish. /// Mouthfeel: Smooth consistency, light carbonation, medium-full body with an average finish. /// At first this beer looks like it is going to be creamy and viscous but it turns out to be smooth and almost crisp as with a lot of porters. Big and hearty flavors overpower most subtleties.

Dogfish Head Miles Davis Bitches Brew: Appearance: Black when held to the light its almost red, rocky quickly dissipating head. /// Aroma: Smoked, roasted malt with sweet spices. /// Taste: Sweet dark fruits, charcoal, oak, alcohol with a bitter sour finish. /// Mouthfeel: Viscous consistency, delicate carbonation, full body with a longer than average wet finish. /// A beer for sharing and pairing. I would suggest dessert of equal depth or game meats – bbq or elk would be my choice. Not particularly a refreshing beer but that’s ok.


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