Shower Beers…

Oddity or Genius?

Shower Beers

This idea was brought to my attention by a co-worker. Shower Beers (pr: Shou-wah Beeirs) a life changing shock to the system similar to chilling in a hot tub then jumping into a pool, but a bit subtler. It is one of those little things in life incidents. He talked about it all the time and chided me for not yet experiencing them.

The first and most difficult task is finding the perfect beer to shower with. I personally went with a Helles Bock craft brew.

To experience it fully ice two plus beers of your of choice.

Jump in shower and heat up. Pop the first and down it fast before it heats too much. Take your time on the second one. Make sure to note the differences between first and second beer. As you crack into the third beer look at the world around you, you are the master of your domain! Now go out and make the world yours! But make sure you are sober before you try to operate any machinery, etc…


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