Brews News

Weekend Edition


First off is a video presentation from “Tasted” of 5 beers that are good for you – You can watch it here

“HopSlam” should be out in your markets soon! If you’ve never had it “TheKitchn” has a review

I stumbled upon a great dessert idea, well actually a great anytime idea especially if it is hot out … Chocolate Stout Float!! has more

Did you miss your chance to get some Westvleteren XII? Well there is a bar in Pasadena “Trattoria Neapolis” that got their hands on 19 bottles. They are working on a catch and release program for this beer to get it into the hands of patrons. L. A. Times has more

Are you a homebrewer? Do you want the recipe to make a Belgian Dubbel? well then has you covered.

Hockey Season is upon us. That doesn’t mean much for me but if you enjoy some pucking good times then Food Republic has some Canadian beers for you to drink during the games.

Jason Kessler and Tate Kline have 5 tips that will have you navigating craft brew lists like a pro. Check


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