365 (116) Super Bowl Macros

Macro Line Up 2.3.13

Bud Black Crown

Appearance: Medium amber, quickly dissipating head no lacing. /// Aroma: Sweet malt and grain. /// Taste: Sweet bready notes, floral yeast with a bitter finish. /// Mouthfeel: Crisp consistency, spritzy carbonation, light body with a quick dry finish. /// Overall: Crisp clean refreshing, sweet malty back bone with the a “Bud” Pils body. Tastes very similar to a Marzen.

Becks Sapphire

Appearance: Clear pale straw, creamy unlasting head with thin lacing. /// Aroma: Grain, toasty malt and oats. /// Taste: Estery, mild grains and an herbal bitter finish. /// Mouthfeel: Creamy consistency, light carbonation & body with an average wet finish. /// Overall: Warming feeling with characteristics of a Euro Pale Ale.

Bass IPA

Appearance: Clear light amber, thick airy head and ringed lacing. /// Aroma: Mandarin orange. /// Taste: Orange rind, floral yeast with a bitter herbal finish. /// Mouthfeel: Smooth consistency, delicate carbonation, light body with an average dry finish. /// Overall: Like bass with a sweet nose and a bitter finish.


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