365 (138) Saranac Special Delivery

I would like to extend a special thanks to William Macartney and Nick Matt for providing Brew Hammer with four of their Saranac Beers for me to taste and rate for you all. This is a real treat because these beers are not available in south Florida. Thank you again gentlemen and now to the beer…

Saranac Delivery

Adirondack Lager: Appearance: Clear orange & gold, thin creamy head and lacing. /// Aroma: Grainy, floral yeast and lemon. /// Taste: Biscuity almost creamy, lemon grass, with a bitter citrus peel finish. /// Mouthfeel: Smooth Consistency, light carbonation, light/medium body with a quick dry finish. /// A clean and drinkable lager with an intriguing acidic taste. I can see this working well in a shandy.

Pale Ale: Appearance: Clear amber, thin receding creamy head with ringed lacing. /// Aroma: Spice and lemon grass. /// Taste: Bready grains, citrus rind with black pepper start to finish. /// Mouthfeel: Velvety consistency, delicate carbonation, medium body with an average wet finish. /// Heavier than the average pale ale with a delicate spice that follows you through, perfect for meal pairing.

White IPA: Appearance: cloudy tangerine, rocky head that is short lived with lazy lacing. /// Aroma: All spice, citrus, bready, hay and hints of citrus. /// Taste: Bready, grapefruit, lemon, allspice with the smallest pine finish. /// Mouthfeel: Smooth consistency, delicate carbonation, medium/light body with a quick dry finish. /// Refreshing & clean, this beer works as a great palate cleanser, drink this with heavy transitional meals.

Red IPA: Appearance: Deep mahogany red, super thin head with almost no lacing. /// Aroma: Cumin, pepper, bay leaves with some grain. /// Taste: Nutty start, pumpernickel, with a slow to start pine finish. /// Mouthfeel: Velvety consistency, tingly carbonation, medium body with a lingering wet finish. /// Simple and light but prominent in the features it has.


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