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Hoppin Frog – Barrel Aged Frog’s Hollow Appearance: Hazy orange, uber-fizzy quickly dissipating head with no lacing. Aroma: Pumpkin, citrus, clove, biscuit, anise and nutmeg. Taste: Pumpkin, nutmeg, caramel, cinnamon, pepper, hints of char(tastes like sour mash to me) and pumpkin on the finish. Mouthfeel: Velvety consistency, tingly carbonation, medium/full body with a lingering wet […]

365 (158-162)

Leavenworth Biers Oktoberfest Celebration Ale Appearance: Dark hazy amber, thick creamy head with thick lace rings. Aroma: Clove, citrus, vinegar and grains. Taste: Grains, metallic, floral yeast and a hint of pine and citrus finish. Mouthfeel: Smooth consistency, delicate carbonation, medium body with a quick dry finish. Intense hops for an Oktoberfest, unfortunately it seems […]

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Samuel Smiths – Winter Welcome Appearance: Clear amber, average creamy head with spindly lacing. Aroma: Big malt, sweet grains, molasses, caramel and clove. Taste: Bready, caramel, orange, coriander with a touch of bitter hops on the finish. Mouthfeel: Silky consistency, delicate carbonation, medium body with a lingering wet finish. It is too bad this is only brewed in […]

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Reutberger Kloster-Beer Appearance: Hazy straw, thin creamy head with ringed lacing. Aroma: Bright grain, floral yeast, citrus and grass. Taste: Bready notes, crisp citrus with a mild hop bitter finish. Mouthfeel: Crisp consistency, fizzy carbonation, light body with a quick dry finish. Extreme drinkability paired with refreshing qualities make this a great summer beer. Sierra […]

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Troubadour – Obscura – Mild Stout Appearance: Black(red hue at the rim), thick foamy head with thick patchy lacing. Aroma: Floral yeast, smoke, roasted malt, spice and coffee. Taste: Sweet grain, molasses, coffee, chocolate and mold bitter finish. Mouthfeel: Creamy consistency, delicate carbonation, full body with a quick wet finish. Big sweet notes up front […]

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Sierra Nevada – Bigfoot Ale – Barleywine Style Appearance: Hazy red amber, thin creamy head with spotty lacing. Aroma: Pine, caramel, molasses, orange and bread. Taste: Sweet dark fruits, licorice, honey, coffee, pepper and bitter pine. Mouthfeel: Creamy velvety consistency, light carbonation, full body with a lingering wet finish. Opens up with a sweet punch […]

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Brasserie De Brunehaut – St Martin Brune Appearance: Cloudy root beer brown, Average creamy &  foamy head that reduces to thin cream with spotty lacing. Aroma: Sweet dark fruits (cherries, raisins, plums), caramel, alcohol, sweet malt and horse oats with a touch of ester. Taste: Toffee, alcohol, dark breads, molasses, and some sweet white fruits. Mouthfeel: […]