Brew Bus – Rollin’ Dirty Red Ale  Appearance: Clear red amber, thin creamy head with no lacing. Aroma: sweet grains, slight citrus sweetness, coffee & molasses. Taste: Toasted malt, nuts, caramel with coffee and bread on the finish. Mouthfeel: Smooth consistency, sparkly carbonation, medium body with an average wet finish. I smooth mellow beer with […]

Innis & Gunn – Irish Whiskey Cask Stout Appearance: Black, average creamy head with big lace rings. Aroma: Charred oak, whiskey roasted malt, oranges and cherry. Taste: Sweet grains, whiskey and birch bark. Mouthfeel: smooth consistency, tingly carbonation, full body with a lingering wet finish. I has the aroma of the bigger creamier stouts, but […]

Its not new news that Florida does not allow beer in handheld containers equaling more than 32oz. But the beer scene is starting to bloom in South Florida and the local brewers see anti-growler laws as a personal affront and removal of market influence. Naples Daily News has some more on the subject. But in […]

Peak Organic Brewing Co. – Simcoe Spring Ale – Pale Ale Appearance: Clear amber, thick rocky head with big lace rings. Aroma: Pine, sweet grains and grapefruit. Taste: Lemon zest, grass, grapefruit, slight bitter coffee with a  biscuity finish. Mouthfeel: Crisp consistency, light carbonation, medium body with an average dry finish. Surprisingly malty for a […]

Spaten – Dunkel Appearance: Dark brown with a tinge of red, average creamy head with thin lacing. Aroma: Sweet grains, molasses and fig newtons. Taste: Sweet molasses, dark fruit, black bread with a mild bitterness on the finish. Mouthfeel: Smooth consistency, spritzy carbonation, medium body with a quick wet finish. Doesn’t have a lot of flavor […]

Breckenridge – Pandora’s Bock – Bock Beer Appearance: Deep mahogany, thin creamy head and lacing. Aroma: Bready, big malt and slight spice. Taste: Big malt body, biscuit and grains with a hint of toffee. Mouthfeel: Velvety consistency, delicate carbonation, medium/full body with a lingering wet finish. Deep & Malty. Makes me think of a traditional […]

Did anyone hear the ruckus that was made when Maker’s Mark released a statement saying they will be reducing the alcohol content of their bourbon? If not here is an article on it.  Well the outcry caused them to reverse that decision. But now there is news this may be happening in the beer world without our […]